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Adam Lewis

About me

  • Graduate of New York University and Johan Cruyff Institute, receiving a Bachelors of Science – Sports Management, and a Master's in Football Business respectively.
  • I possess a profound passion for the economy surrounding football
    • I am eagerly seeking opportunities to excel within this industry, utilizing my skills and knowledge to make a remarkable impact in commercial revenue
  • A true role-player, I find my success through being supportive, adaptable and example-setting. Being a key cog in a successful machine – adhering a team/space/organization– is where I bring my best value.
  • With football functioning as a variety of interconnected industries amd departments, i.e. marketing, communication, event management, entertainment, television, community engagement, etc...
    • My diverse experiences in roles such as Esports Writer, Media Director, and Talent Intern,, and Golf Shop Attendant I have gained valuable insights into the interconnected industries that make up the ecosystem surrounding football.
  • From understanding the marketing and communication strategies needed to engage fans, to managing events and entertainment aspects, navigating the realm of media and community engagement,
    • I have acquired a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted nature of football through my pursuit of higher education
  • . My experience in these various areas positions me well to contribute effectively to the various facets of football's ecosystem and make a meaningful impact across different industries within the sport.

Prior Experience

Areas of Expertise

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Business Development // Due Diligence

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Marketing, sPONSORSHIPs & Partnerships


Media and Fan ENGAGEMENT


BUSINESS Development

  • Captained a group project focused on African & Oceanic Sports Education Research for Barcelona Innovation Hub to help expand their business.
  • Following on the research about the Africa & Oceania market, we came up with a strategic expansion plan. I was trusteed as the Oceania focused member.
  • Found potential partners and came up with new ways to sell BIH products in these developing markets.
  • Was among the leadership team within a larger group to spearhead a club-wide proposal to Gimnàstic de Tarragona.
    • Responsible for Operations within the group i.e group meeting times, sub-division of work load, and final editing.
  • Provided a full club transformation proposal documeent, and 30 minute group-pitch
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  • Priorly mentioned Gimnàstic de Tarragona project included a complete Due Diligence of the club before beginning our proposal. Was apart of commercial focused duo, aided in marketing, stadium ownership, and other asset-analysis. Identified the financial situation, and the potential of the club's to more effectively utilize resources. This inevitably shaped our proposal.

  • Conducted exploratory research on Football Governance within Canada. This detailed overview/essay aims to provide insights into the current structure of Canada Soccer, the historical development of football in the country, it's parallel relationship with USA, and it's position within governing body CONCACAF. Provided suggestions, and analysis on the economic environment organization.

2025 – Human Eye View


Marketing, Sponsorships & Partnerships

  • Brief written report analyzing Wrexham AFC's brand identity using Kapferer's identity prism and used SWOT Analysis to understand the club's current marketing and brand-growth strategies. Provided proposal on marketing and sponsorships efforts for the club.
    • Potential partners chosen based on criteria that aligned with the club's brand analysis.

  • "Marketing in Sports -NYU" class competition winners for group "National High School Basketball Association Marketing & Social Media Expansion Proposal" chosen by NHSBA founder Deuton Copeland.


  • Conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current sports broadcasting landscape in Canada and was able to present this proposal to MediaPro, outlining a strategy for approaching Canada to sell LaLiga Media rights. This proposal includes an examination of Canada's political, economic, and sociological context, as well as an overview of the market and key sports properties in the country.

2025 – Human Eye View

  • Our tri-headed group, conducted a comprehensive analysis of Inter Miami's fan personas and evaluated their current fan engagement strategy. Through our collective effort, we came up with four new fan engagement projects for the club. It should be noted this was pre-Lionel Messi arrival. We delved deep into research regarding fan segmentation, local demographics, and potential partners. We aimed to seed, sow, and harvest a deeper connection between the fans and the club.
    • A smaller, double-headed team seceded and created a NFT / Digital Media Strategy proposal for Barca Innovation Hub.

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Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or opportunities. I look forward to hearing from you.